Special fastening system

Special fastening system AUTOTRANSPORT LASHING intended for anchoring of cars which are trasported on truck platform or on railway wagon. The system is patented and accepted in the whole European Union and comply with all required technical regulations.  I tis manufactured according to standard EN 12195-2. Maximum stretching of the webbing  is 4 %. The lashing capacity LC  of system is 5 000 daN (kgs), length of strap is 2,5 m. The system can be delivered  with anti-skid belt ( anti-skid cover Mercedes System) or with anti-skid boots. They provide stable location on a tyre  and that contributes to safe vehicle transportation.




FRIGOTRANSPORT LASHING SYSTEM made according to EN 12195-2. The special fastening belts intended  for dividing of the load space and cargo securing in interiors of refrigerator cars. In these cars are installed a special wall rails. Lashing system consists of tensioning ratchet and of straps, which are ended by special locks, which can be safely secured in these rails. The lashing capacity LC is 2 000 daN (kgs), length of two-part system is 1,5 + 2,5 m.




For locking trailers offer locks. These products are intended for owners of trucks and hauliers, in whose interest it is to eliminate the danger of theft and destruction of their property and also of transported burden. Locks secure the door mechanism of the trailer mechanically, so that there  is not possible to get inside without required key.  



Lock UNIVERZAL IMP -902. Made of stainless steel, intended for locking of variety trailer marks like CAFRIME, SOR, LAMBERET, SCHMITZ, EGA, KRONE, KӦGEL...  


Lock  CONTAINER IMP-903, intended for locking of containers. 



Lock   CONTAINER IMP-903-R,with strengthened construction against damage.  


The lock  SR2, made of stainless steel, for locking of  trailer SR2 from LAMBERET.  


Lock  KING PIN. It secures trailer which is disconnected  from a truck.  



Locking of several lock mechanism  are  also possible by using only one key .

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