Cralif offers crane consultancy, crane service, crane refurbishment, and support for designers in crane manufacturing and maintenance.



Consultation Services

Cralif except standard training (teaching) user personnel or crane operators provides a special consultation services about crane technology. This is especially an issue about unusual faulty conditions on cranes from different manufacturers or on an older types of cranes. Our experiences are based on several "ten-year" experiences of our employees. We analyse these problems and propose the necessary measures.










Cralif provides standard services and nonstop services for crane technology with qualified and trained employees mainly from service centre in Púchov. We have sufficient vehicle fleet and lifting platforms, so that we are able to solve faulty conditions on lifting equipment of our customers without undue delay.






In addition to the production of new crane equipment we provide wide range reconstructions of existing equipment. We are able to make changes in electrical parts, mechanical parts or in surface treatment of crane equipment. Mainly preferred reconstructions are:


  • replacement of hoist units
  • replacement of electrical equipment, mounting of frequency inverters on drive units 
  • reconstructions of cabins and control units
  • etc.



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Support for Designers

Cralif provides details of crane technology like static parameters or CAD drawings for future projects of new production, storage or other industrial buildings. Of course there is also 3D visualization of crane technology, so that customer will have complex information about these technology.



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