It is used for light load transferring in 3 axes. It is suitable for coverage of larger workplace. Due to light construction the load-bearing construction could be fastened to ceiling or to other steel construction. In case of lower ceiling the underslung crane could be placed between load-bearing profiles of the railway what decreases clear height of underslung crane significantly.



In case of load-bearing capacity increasing need the load-bearing capacity is increased by the support of standard “I” profile without encroaching on the original steel construction of the crane.




 Technical information

The maximum load bearing capacity is 1 600 kg
The colour RAL 5017 for a crane railway, RAL 1007 for a crane
Height The typical underslung crane or a crane with decreased clear height


4 sizes of sections for various load bear capacity

Plastic wheels

for low noise level

Electric trolley drive

manual and electric trolley drive of the underslung crane or the hoist

Electric trolley

drive operated by frequency inverters

Possibility of remote control

Flexibility of railway height

setting and crane suspending

Power supply right in profiles of lifting device or via energy chain or trolley






  • Modular design of light single-girder and double-girder crane system guarantees simple assembling and installation of the device
  • All components are screwable and adjustable and due to it, the system supports large options of existing system enlargement of other parts without encroaching on the original steel construction
  • Large options to hang the supporting construction of cranes to various kind of profiles, walls and ceilings
  • The possibility to choose several ways of crane power supply









 Accessories and Options

  • The colour of steel construction according to customer´s requirements
  • Galvanization of profiles
  • One or two-sided telescopic jib of a single-girder underslung crane
  • Underslung railway with several cranes
  • Jib cranes
  • Self-supporting steel construction for light underslung crane with railway
  • Gripping equipment
  • Crane with two girders to increase the load bear capacity of the whole crane




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